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Stationary Engines

The most important exhibits of the collection are stationary steam engines. For decades, they have delivered - directly or by transmitting - energy for a variety of tools, generators and pumps in craft and industrial producers. While steamboats and steam locomotives are still known to many contemporaries of regular and special trips, stationary machines from commercial and industrial companies have already largely disappeared from historical awareness. In the Swiss Steam Centre they are still there and show the great importance of the collection for the industrial and Swiss history.

Titelbild 2 Zylinder
Steam engines
Titelbild Dampfmotoren
Steam Motors
Titelbild Turbinen
steam turbines


Dampfzentrum Winterthur
Lagerplatz 27, 8400 Winterthur
IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1
Phone: +41 32 511 74 08

Opening hours

The steam center opens its doors 
each 2nd and 4th Saturnday a month
from 09:45 to 13:00
you can find the exact dates here