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Adventure Steam Centre

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Experience industrial culture

Immerse yourself in the industrial history of the 18th and 19th centuries, when steam engines were introduced to Swiss companies.

Be fascinated by hissing colossi and filigree constructions that fundamentally changed people's lives, work and possibilities for movement. Admire the precision of the technology, the ingenuity and the flair for the beautiful that the designers of the machines at the time showed. And gain an insight into the working conditions of those people who with diligence, spirit, ability and skill founded our prosperity in Winterthur. (more)


The Steam Centre is now open twice a month

here you will find the exact dates

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The steam centre is also open for registered groups

The following guidelines are important to comply with the requirements of the BAG:

  • Every visitor must give his name and telephone number!
  • The minimum distance between visitors in the exhibition is 2m (observe markings)!
  • Every visitor should have a mask if the distance cannot be maintained!

To get you in the right mood for your visit to us, we have posted aV Rundgang

virtual tour

that will encourage you to visit the Steam Centre.