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a steam engine in Marktgasse Winterthur!

 Sammeltag 5  

On the last Saturday, the 16th of November, the steam center was able to attract many passersby to our collection in wonderful weather. The drilling steam engine made a lot of fun, except the interested parents, especially the children who like to set to work to build their own pencil holder.

Once again we were able to make new friends and expand the circle of sympathizers.

We were able to collect well over CHF 1000.- directly on the course and further donations were promised. These performances are valuable and important because many people did not even know that there is a steam centre in Winterthur.

We would like to thank all donors who passed by with and without children, and we are sure that our collection will remain as an important cultural asset for more than a generation.

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Sammeltag 3
Sammeltag 6

Wie kann ich weiterhin spenden?

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- Telefonieren Sie uns +41 32 511 74 08
- Einzahlung auf IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1
- Schreiben Sie uns an Dampfzentrum Winterthur, Lagerplatz 27, 8400 Winterthur


Industrial Culture

Please visit and enjoy industrial archaeology with us!

Immerse yourself in the industrial history of the 18th and 19th centuries, when steam engines were introduced to Swiss companies.

Be fascinated by hissing colossi and filigree constructions that fundamentally changed people's lives, work and possibilities for movement. Admire the precision of the technology, the ingenuity and the flair for the beautiful that the designers of the machines at the time showed. And gain an insight into the working conditions of those people who with diligence, spirit, ability and skill founded our prosperity in Winterthur. (more