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Membership in the steam center

Become part of our community

and help to preserve this collection of industrial cultural assets, which is unique in Europe.

Enjoy being responsible for the preservation of these contemporary witnesses.

You have different options to join us, be it a membership or a loose connection in which you can determine how you would like to support us.
First of all, we have membership in our association. Here you are with an annual contribution of CHF 60.-. As a member, you also have the right to vote at our general meetings.
With us everyone can contribute their knowledge, be it in the workshop, when presenting our collection, planning the future or determining the strategy. If you want to invest a part of your free time for our collection, we are very pleased.

Registration as a member

You also have the opportunity to join our association as a sponsor with an annual contribution of at least CHF 60.

Registration as a sponsor

If you do not want to enter into a permanent relationship, then you will become a donor of the steam center. You get all of our information about our activities. With a donation of CHF 250 or more, you will receive free admission on our open Saturdays the following year

This group is intended for one-time donations. Contact us via our website, by phone or by letter and we will send you payment slips. You can also make direct payments to the IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1 account via your e-banking system. Depending on the amount paid, we thank you with services as already mentioned above (this applies in the following calendar year after the donation):

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    Dampfzentrum Winterthur
    Lagerplatz 27, 8400 Winterthur
    IBAN CH26 0070 0110 0038 4949 1
    Phone: +41 32 511 74 08

    Opening hours

    The steam center opens its doors 
    each 2nd and 4th Saturnday a month
    from 09:45 to 13:00
    you can find the exact dates here